About Us

About Us

The Freedom Mastery

The Freedom Mastery helps people to build, scale and grow the Rent to Rent business they dream about.

The question is how to get started with Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) or Serviced Accommodation (SAs). Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or you are already operating and looking to scale up – we are here to support our clients all the way through the process of getting people from where they are to where they want to be

The Freedom Mastery helps people to build, scale and grow the Rent to Rent business they dream about.

Why Choose Us?

we offer comprehensive online and in-person solutions to those who are looking to build, scale or grow their HMO or SA Business to the next level. Depending on your needs we offer

Rent to Rent Blueprint Revealed Strategy Call

Weekly Sessions with our exclusive The Freedom Mastery Group

Premium Access To Online Action Courses

Elite Document Pack With All Necessary Contracts, Scripts And Other Aids

Full 1-2-1 Mentoring

Our Success Stories

Kamil Domski

Highly passionate and strongly motivated entrepreneur, who founded The Freedom Mastery Rent To Rent Coaching and Mentoring to help other individuals build a business of their dreams. Kamil spent years to explore different avenues in business to quit a 9-5 job and build a 6-figure company.

Driven by passion to share their success story, Kamil is now dedicated to mentoring and coaching others who harbour a similar goal of building a successful Rent To Rent business. Through the guidance of their experts’ training and personalised approach, they are helping aspiring property entrepreneurs achieve their desired outcomes and turn their dreams into reality.

“We have all gone through the pain and glory of building a successful Rent To Rent business and the experience that we gained along the way is something we want to implement in other people’s business. Everything we know is a result of us learning, implementing and experiencing in our own Rent To Rent business. We want our clients to trust us and be confident with us, and our results speak for themselves!”

When Kamil started his Rent to Rent business, without the right mentor he was one step away from giving up. He secured a R2HMO deal and 2 days before collecting the keys, landlord pulled out of the agreement. With the support of his wife he managed to break through the challenge and moved on to his first completed deal. Kamil understands the importance of good mentoring, that’s why his 1-2-1 is above any expectation.

His Buy-To-Let and R2R portfolio made Kamil and his family financially free. Tons of experience combined with training programmes completed with worldwide known mentors like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins drove Kamil to start his own unique methodology on how to achieve personal and business goals.

Kamil is a dedicated family man. With strong family values, he has managed to balance his work and family life, ensuring that his loved ones remain at the forefront of his priorities.