The Freedom Mastery Serviced Accommodation + HMO Ultimate Bundle

Visualise starting and running a Rent to Rent business that makes you 6 figures in Revenue without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

The ULTIMATE BUNDLE is our most comprehensive mentoring program designed to help individuals with hitting their goals in the easiest and the fastest way possible.

The program’s primary goal is to guide our mentees to achieve their first deal in 60 days or less, generating a minimum of £500 every month, regardless of the type of deal they come across. From that point, the program will support every mentee to scale their business to 6 figures in revenue, whilst making sure the business is systemised, giving more time and freedom.

And often you have a great concept that you can’t turn into a long-term rent to rent business. Having tons of ambition, but no idea how to fulfil it fast, have no one around you who can help and support you – as a consequence, you feel disappointed and frustrated, as well as you are struggling to make progress.Bring us to your Power Team and eliminate uncertainty and frustration instantly!

Unlimited 1-2-1 Mentoring

Bring our Rent To Rent Head Coaches to your power team and gain unbelievable advantage. Introduce the support and ability to overcome every challenge by individual approach

HMO Unlocked Program + Legal Pack

Access Rent To HMO Action Course and all necessary contracts, calculator, resources and templates 24/7. With lifetime access and regular updates you will never get rusty

Serviced Accommodation Unlocked + Legal Pack

Become a Serviced Accommodation Ninja and gain all technical skills, as well as supporting documents, resources, contracts and deal analyser

Unique Network

Never be alone on this journey and connect with everyone at The Freedom Mastery. Tap into the network of like-minded individuals who support one another every day via weekly Zoom Sessions and Facebook/WhatsApp Groups

Mindful Mastery

Online Training to help you build a solid foundation for this and any other business. Control your states by following this practical training and always stay at your peak performance

Branding Pack

Become a magnet to more opportunities and deals by presenting a strong brand around you. No need to worry about fancy logos and colour schemes, we will do this for you

How the ultimate bundle will help you:

set a CLEAR BLUEPRINT for your success – from mindset, to foundations, to success
access all training, materials and acquire INVALUABLE SKILLS of running a Rent To Rent HMO and serviced accommodation business
and Avoid Painful and expensive mistakes; get it right FIRST TIME
build GREAT CONNECTIONS that will stay with you for years to come
ensure you act LEGALLY CORRECT with our professionally made contracts
become a well known BRAND in the industry and turn into a magnet to rent to rent deals

If you are at the stage, where :

you are stuck in your 9 - 5 job and you want to quit and finally be an independent property business owner
you like your job, but you are looking for additional income because of growing expenses and costs of living
you like your job, but you are looking for additional income because of growing expenses and costs of living
You realise that you want different lifestyle for you and your family.
it’s been too long to delay your dreams in time
you are ready to make a significant change in your life

join The Freedom Mastery Ultimate Bundle mentoring program to turn your negative emotions into success and achieve six figures in revenue

Success Assurance Guarantee - You Will Never Be Left Behind

If you don’t secure your first deal in 90 days or less, you will receive an exclusive invite to our office and we will spend a minimum of 2 hours with you to review your Blueprint and rectify any flaws holding you back from succeeding.*

What is included in the ultimate bundle:

All members joining this program receive full support of our coaching team for a full 12 months to help them start and expand their rent to rent business to 6 figures in revenue in the shortest possible space of time.

By following the Triple C formula to great detail, you will experience the most comprehensive approach of our coaching, mentoring and training

What are you going to receive within the ultimate bundle:

world class 1-2-1 mentoring from rent to HMO & rent to serviced accommodation experts
lifetime access to online rent to HMO action course
lifetime access to online rent to serviced accommodation action course
I lifetime access to all our contracts, templates and resources, Including Deal Analysers
membership to our exclusive WhatsApp group with all our Mentees
52 weekly zoom mastermind sessions with our expert coaches, recorded and accessible to all our members
access to our community for lifetime,
Plus BONUS - our latest coaching program – the mindful mastery. This program is packed with practical exercises to dramatically enhance your mindset:

Limiting Beliefs
Negative Emotions
Energy Levels

And what will happen once you join:

you will receive all access to your training, materials and online training platform
we will book a blueprint session with you
we will monitor your actions and your progress in order to align your business towards your goals
we will help you to master your scripts and system of beliefs in order to scale your confidence
assistance around various situations, e.g. Negotiating or signing contract will be at your fingertips
further assistance to schedule your business to 6 figures

Who is this program not for:

individuals not interested in Property
fast opportunity seekers who wants to get rich overnight
daydreamers, who believe that business can be built without any effort
people who don’t like to listen, and implement information that will make a change in their life


The Freedom Mastery Serviced Accommodation + HMO Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle is our most comprehensive mentoring program designed to help individuals with hitting their goals in the easiest and the fastest way possible.